Research Blog

The Center for Web and Data Science has moved it lab to the third floor of the Tioga Library. In addition to the new lab space we are especially pleased with the shared meeting area (TLB301A) that we are calling the Atrium. Please check out an upcoming Research Talk which will take place in this new space.

The Center for Web & Data Science was invited to convert the development framework for ChronoZoom, a timeline of everything, into Visual Studio Online. Microsoft Research invited us to share our experiences and have that conversion recorded as a series of videos to be made available to end users of VSO.

ChronoZoom,,  is a web-based tool for temporal data visualization. That’s the quick description of a new and powerful way to visualize data across time. There is nothing new about time-based visualization. Pretty much every graph you see shows changes over time. Think of a stock price chart. It shows the closing price of a company’s stock each day (or hour) over a period of time. When you look at this graph you can see at a glance how the price of a stock is trending.