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Data availability should ideally improve accountability and decision processes. Armed with evidence of data science working across multiple domains from healthcare analytics to internet advertising big data is enabling changes in society, one application at a time. This talk will have two parts. We will first present a data scientist's overview of different technologies in use today and their utility. Then we will do a deep-dive on specific implementation and challenges we addressed while working with multiple partners in the healthcare industry on real-world healthcare data.
Scholar Earth is a visualization simulation system that leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to support a wide range of environmental applications. Scholar Earth is a cloud based service that can be utilized by environmental researchers, system builders, and to access, query, analyze, and visualize different sets of environmental data. Microsoft Azure provides the cloud-based back-end storage and computational infrastructure required by the Scholar Earth system.
The Center is looking for an student intern to work on various web design and development project.    If interested, please attend one of our weekly seminar series and introduce your self. You can also send a portfolio of recent efforts or send your resume and a brief note describing your interest.  

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