AMADEUS: A System for Monitoring Water Quality Parameters and Predicting Contaminant Paths

Managing the water quality in an urban environment is extremely challenging. While it flows, the water picks up pollutants such as lawn care chemicals, oil, and pet waste bacteria. In fact, topography plays a factor in where water runoff goes. However, there are many other factors, such as urban density, impermeable surface coverage, weather events and tidal patterns which all have the potential to impact not only the final destination of a particular pollutant but also the rate of travel along the route. In this paper, we propose a system, named AMADEUS (Azure Marketplace of Applications for Diverse Environmental Use as a Service), which is an interactive, self-service framework that allows end users to explore, analyse, and visualize the environmental data within the context of their applications. As a case study, we present a sample application on AMADEUS which aims to identify contaminant sources in the Puget Sound region. AMADEUS integrates chemical spill data, meteorological data, Puget Sound buoy data, and water runoff models to perform pollutant path tracking and prediction. More specifically, given a water fall location, AMADEUS is able to identify the runoff path, compute the impact of environmental factors. For example, it can trace back the pollutant to its source, and predict the final destination of the pollutant. In addition, AMADEUS provides user friendly visualization to demonstrate the tracking and prediction of pollutants' routes.
iEMSs 2014
Abdeltawab M Hendawi , David Hazel , Joel Larson , YiRu Li , Dwaine Trummert , Mohamed Ali , Ankur Teredesai
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