Big Data Architecture, In Memory DB and more

Date of Presentation: 
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
2014 Summer
Research Focus: 

Ankur will give a preview of his upcoming IEEE talk about in memory databases.

David will give a preview of his IEEE talk - Data Visualization in Education Data Sets.

Jeremy Parks will present on his Education Assessment Tool.

Raj will provide an update on his research project.

The seminar will wrap up with a round table discussion by Ankur’s independent study students. Their topic will be Big Data Architecture.

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Research Focus: 

Theoretical: Distributed Scalable Data Mining, Secure Machine Learning
Applied: Health Informatics, WWW, Geospatial Data Mining

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Research Focus: 

David has been involved in the intersection between health and technology since 1998. Including a remote telemedicine project, which sought to bring medical specialist expertise to remote islands in the pacific through the use of telemedicine technology. Following this effort, he led the team investigating migration of the Algorithm Directed Troup Medical Care Sick Call System process at US Army Battalion Aid Stations from paper binder to web interface.
More recently along with students and colleagues at Fred Hutch Cancer Research center and Electrical Engineering, he has been working on a very innovative smartphone app that automatically estimates volume of food to help nutrition scientists conduct large longitudinal studies between cancer and nutrition.
He received his MS CSS from the Institute of Technology at UW Tacoma in 2008, and after a few years growing a successful Drupal Consultancy, returned to the Institute of Technology help launch the Center for Web and Data Science, as well as mentor and train the next generation of technologists.

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