CDS Summer 2014 Research - Conference Reports

Date of Presentation: 
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
2014 Summer
Research Focus: 

This has been a busy summer at the Center for Data Science. At this week's seminar, we will hear conference reports from KDD 2014, KDDBHI, and VLDB 2014. The talk will run from 12:00pm - 1:00pm in the UWT Tioga Building 3rd floor atrium. All are welcome.

Speaker: David Hazel


KDD 2014 is the premier conference for data mining. This years theme was "Data Science for Social Good", featuring a number of innovative papers and demos, which serve to validate the work we are doing here at the center, but also challenge us to continue to strive for a greater societal impact through our use inspired research, both through our regional collaborations but also through outreach and engagement in the broader community.

Bio: Through my role at the UW Center for Data Science, I help mentor the next generation of data sciences, with special emphasis on projects of societal impact that promote social good.



Speaker: Ka Yee Yeung


Ka Yee Yeung presented a talk, titled "Bayesian Model Averaging methods and R package for gene network construction" at the KDDBHI workshop (  She will discuss selected presentations from KDD and give a brief report on her visit to the Mt Sinai Hospital.

Bio: Ka Yee Yeung joined UWT in July as an Associate Professor. Her research focuses on the development of machine learning methods for applications in systems biology.




Speaker: Senjuti Basu Roy

Abstract: Senjuti will present a brief overview of the VLDB 2014 conference. She will provide summary and appropriate references of the big data related tutorials and keynotes keynotes presented  in the conference, as well as summarize some research papers that are of interests to the audience. Finally, she will briefly describe the work she presented,  “An optimization framework for the empty-answer problems”.

Bio: Senjuti Basu Roy is an assistant professor. She is involved in health informatics related research problems at the center for data science.



About the Series: The Center for Data Science seminar series is centered around intellectual exchange and interaction, and the audience is encouraged to ask questions during presentations. The goal is a seminar that looks less like a lecture and more like a spirited discussion of issues raised in a relatively brief presentation of a paper or a research project.