Clean Water Challenge - 2014 Save the Date

The UW Center for Data Science is hosting the 2014 Clean Water Challenge on the UW Tacoma Campus, July 12, 2014, sponsored by GeoEngineers, 2Bridges Tech, Esri, and Microsoft Azure for Research.
What happens when you put 100 environmental sciences, civil engineers, geospatial temporal researchers, data scientists, app developers, and database engineers in the same room? Add to that some very energetic students, unlimited cloud compute resources, and a passion for collaborative problem solving? Something Amazing!
While we don't expect to solve the worlds water problems in a day, we do hope that the event will serve as a focal point for interested community parties, from all focus areas and technical backgrounds, to come together to build partnerships and ideas, focused on water.
During this all-day event, participants will arrange into small groups to evaluate user-submitted problem scenarios, which will be paired with theoretical datasets. Groups will then work collaboratively to analyze the scenario and create detailed proposals featuring their ideas for potential solutions.
Agenda for the day
8:30 Event check-in on the third floor of the Tioga Library Building (directions) with coffee provided by 2bridges.
9:00 Opening Remarks and Welcome
Lunch will be provided courtesy of GeoEngineers, and will be accompanied by a talk by their Chief Strategy Officer, Scot McQeen.
At the end of the day, groups will each have the chance to present their ideas/proposals for judging. Kristin Tolle, Director Microsoft Research Connections Team, will provide closing remarks and present awards based on innovation, practicality, and thoroughness of proposed solutions.
While the event is free, space is limited to 100 citizen scientists, so interested participants should RSVP online. For those interested in submitting their own problem scenarios for possible use in the competition, a form is available here.