CWDS Partnership with Edifecs

Date of Presentation: 
Wednesday, January 15, 2014
2014 Winter
Research Focus: 

U.S. healthcare expenditures continue to skyrocket, and more than $700 billion is wasted every year. That’s the problem Edifecs seeks to solve.
Edifecs develops software solutions that help Healthcare payers (like insurance companies) and providers drive down costs, achieve regulatory compliance and accelerate true reform. In this talk, we will share with you how we are trying to help them in this goal by predicting future events. Our research has two parts, Population Cost Prediction and Risk of Readmission. We will give an overview of what we have done for both parts thus far, and what look at what we plan for the future. We will also show a demo of our project.  Hope to see all of  you there.  

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Research Focus: 

I like research activities related to the following subjects:

  • Big Data
  • Knowledge Discovery
  • Data Mining