Dr. George Wu (Edifecs): Innovation in Health IT

Date of Presentation: 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
2015 Winter
Research Focus: 

ABSTRACT: In order to truly impact health care delivery, innovators in health information technology need to understand what are some of the fundamental concepts that are driving outcomes, utilization, and cost. Besides analysis, engagement and future prediction, other things that we need to focus on are culture, experience, and emotional considerations. Think about a typical doctor's visit when you were a child: you see a doctor, the doctor has a piece of paper and pencil, he/she tells you what's wrong, what the treatment is, and what to do to stay healthy. End of story.
In today's world, you go see a doctor, fill out a million paperwork or questionnaire, the doctor can't talk to you for more than 5 minutes, he/she may or may not look you in the eyes, then the nurse or assistant asks you more questions that may or may not seem relevant. This lack of emotional and true social interaction is piled on top of the humanly-unreadable documents that you receive from insurance companies or their third party vendors. Are we really making health care better? What exactly is innovation in health IT, and how should we think differently?
BIO: George Wu is the medical director at Edifecs and his goal is to bring human back to health IT.
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