Employment Opportunities at the Center for Web and Data Science

The Center for Data Science (CWDS) at the Institute of Technology,  University of Washington, Tacoma has an ongoing need for quality students interested in engaging in interesting projects around Data Science, Big Data Architecture and Management, Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning, and cutting edge web interfaces and technologies.
As a valued member of the Center for Data Science team, you will work with a team of researchers (faculty, staff and students) to develop scalable and performant web applications for accessing, managing and processing a variety of data sources. You will have high visibility at the Institute of Technology, the University of Washington,  and the community. You will interface with regional, national and world wide sponsors, working to solve very interesting problems in the Data Science space.


There are two types of student employment positions available at the Center. Hourly web developer/engineer type positions, and a research assistantship (RA) position. For both please follow the process below.


0. A faculty/staff at the Center MUST feel that you deserve to be an RA. Their recommendation carries the most weight in this decisions. 


Here are a few ways to earn that recommendation from center faculty members. 


1. Start attending the Center for Data Science seminars. These are good introduction points to work that leads to and is being done by current RAs. Plus these are great talks by experts anyway so you gain from the talk which is a bonus along with the coffee/tea.

2. Before and after the seminar talks, meet with faculty/staff members. All of them usually attend the seminars on Wednesday. 

3. Enroll for an attend the 59x research seminars in topics of your interest. These are great grounds for showcasing your skills for research and trust and confidence in your ability here often leads to faculty collaboration. 

4. Send a meeting request with your resume to ankurt@uw.edu with the title: Request for RA position. In the email please clearly outline which of the above (0-3) you’ve done so far and why your past experience will come in handy for a project at the center. 


What happens after step 4?

If your resume and meeting is a good match with an ongoing project or proposed project, Prof. Teredesai will setup a 1 hour technical interview. During this interview you will be expected to solve a problem, write some code and demonstrate your communication skills. If all goes well and it is a good fit, you will be selected.