eNutrition Dietary Data Recording System

The Dietary Data Recording System supports the dietary assessment of participants by facilitating collection of more objective measurement of dietary intake in real time and with moderate cost.
The social web is becoming increasingly pervasive with the advent of mobile interfaces that allow real-time, on the fly publish-subscribe mechanisms. Given the advances in this domain, aggregating information about what one eats on a daily basis should not be difficult, yet collecting, querying and sharing this data with healthcare professionals such as doctors and nutritionists is still a challenging task. Integrating such data with other electronic medical records data systems may lead to significant benefits for not only the subscriber but the overall society. Collecting, storing and sharing nutrition and diet related data should thus be extremely easy. The focus of this project is to develop a working prototype of an online social network whose main intent is the sharing of daily dietary food intake amongst its members and allowing healthcare professionals access to such data.  The main access point to the network is through the use of an intelligent mobile application. The members of the social network would be able to take photographs of the food they eat and add textual ‘tags’ to their photos using their phone.  An additional option would be to allow just textual information about their food intake not associated with any photos.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center