Ethical Hacking

Date of Presentation: 
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
2015 Fall
Research Focus: 

Abstract - Given that security and privacy are under attack on daily basis, the need for ethical hackers is great. To be successful at defending your software and hardware systems from threats, one must first understand the mentality and motivation of “crackers”, learn their methods and then secure software utilizing defensive programming/engineering techniques. This talk will focus on an overview of threats, recent data and events, tools around penetration testing and a short near real-time demo of a penetration test.

Speaker - Yuri Kocharov
Senior Engineering Manager, eCommerce Foundation @ Nordstrom

Bio - Alumni of the University of Washington, Tacoma (undergrad and graduate degrees
in CSS from the Institute of Technology). Spent the last decade working in
various industries (aerospace, ecommerce, consulting) as an engineer and/or
architect in the .net community of the Greater Puget Sound area. Passionate
about designing scalable software at the speed of business, focusing on quality
and security. Currently, supports three teams responsible for all of ecommerce
platforms at Nordstrom.


Yuri Kocharov
Speaker affiliation: 
eCommerce Foundation @ Nordstrom