A Finite-Valued Solver for Disjunctive Fuzzy Answer Set Programs

Fuzzy Answer Set Programming (FASP) is a declarative programming paradigm, which extends the flexibility and expressive- ness of classical Answer Set Programming (ASP), with the aim of modeling continuous application domains. In contrast to the avail- ability of efficient ASP solvers, there have been few attempts at implementing FASP solvers. In this paper, we propose an implementation of FASP based on a reduction to classical ASP. We also develop a prototype implementation of this method. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first solver for disjunctive FASP programs. Moreover, we experimentally show that our solver performs well in comparison to an existing solver (under reasonable assumptions) for the more restrictive class of normal FASP programs.
in: Proceedings of ECAI2014 (21st European Conference on Artificial Intelligence)
Mushthofa, S. Schockaert, M. De Cock
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