Naveen Garg from NLPCore

Date of Presentation: 
Wednesday, April 1, 2015
2015 Spring
Research Focus: 

This week's Center for Data Science Wednesday Seminar (April 1) features Naveen Garg from NLPCore giving us insight into his company and their innovative text mining platform. The talk runs from 12:00pm - 1:00pm in the UWT Tioga Building 3rd floor atrium. All are welcome. There will be coffee.
ABSTRACT: NLPCore is a Seattle based software startup with an innovative and unique text mining technology platform based upon combination of linguistic processing (part of speech tags) and statistical modeling (colocation frequencies) that is well positioned to create innovative solutions for life sciences, healthcare and scientific communities and beyond. They have forged partnership with Seattle Biomedical Research Institute and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to build a Proteomics/Genomics Research Platform (to identify candidate proteins for future research based upon their expressions, interactions, transformations and inter-relationships to other biological entities and reagents extracted from past research and trial records) and Individualized Patient Care Recommendations Solution (based upon individual biomarkers, medical history and corresponding records in past research and treatments) respectively. More information can be found at
BIO: Naveen Garg is the cofounder and president of NLPCore. Naveen has over 25 years of software industry experience including more than 20 years at Microsoft. He’s the cofounder and chair of Seattle Urban Squash – a non-profit helping kids graduate from high school and become model citizens through an intense after school program combining sports, education, and community service.
About the Series: The Center for Data Science seminar series is centered around intellectual exchange and interaction, and the audience is encouraged to ask questions during presentations. The goal is a seminar that looks less like a lecture and more like a spirited discussion of issues raised in a relatively brief presentation of a paper or a research project. Follow the Center for Data Science on Facebook and Twitter