OSPI Data Dashboard

The University of Washington-Tacoma (UWT) is excited to partner with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to support state-needs projects and to meet the needs of students with special needs state-wide.
Our work includes three important tasks:

  1. To build a web-based data system to better evaluate OSPI Special Education Department funded state-needs projects
  2. To develop common data collection measures to evaluate state-needs projects and protocols to administer, score, and build capacity to use these measures
  3. To support state-needs project staff to use and interpret valid measurements to continuously improve in the following areas:
    1. Effectiveness: Building the capacity of participants to better meet student needs
    2. Alignment: Alignment of project activities to state indicators, WAC's, and national standards.
    3. Evidence-Based Practices: Use of scientifically and/or evidence-based practices woven into project activities
    4. Quality of Coaching / Engagement: Quality of professional development activities and ongoing support to participants
    5. Data Collection: Use of valid formative and summative assessment data to drive improvement of the state-needs project
    6. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Benefits of project activities outweigh costs; funds are allocated efficiently and productively
    7. Advertising: State-wide advertising and participation in project activities; use of technology to inform educators state-wide of state-needs project activities
    8. State-Need: The state-needs project indeed fulfills a state-need and does not duplicate services provided by others

Link: http://wds.insttech.washington.edu

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