Population Cost Prediction on Public Healthcare Datasets

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Fast, Privacy Preserving Linear Regression over Distributed Datasets based on Pre-Distributed Data

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Using Answer Set Programming for Solving Boolean Games

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Possibilistic Boolean Games: Strategic Reasoning under Incomplete Information

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Readmissions Score as a Service(RaaS)

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Extending PSL with Fuzzy Quantifiers

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Age and Gender Identification in Social Media

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A Finite-Valued Solver for Disjunctive Fuzzy Answer Set Programs

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Decentralized Computation of Pareto Optimal Pure Nash Equilibria of Boolean Games with Privacy Concerns

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Divide-n-Discover - Discretization based Data Exploration Framework for Healthcare Analytics

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hospital readmission risk prediction, data exploration

Complexity of Fuzzy Answer Set Programming under Lukasiewicz Semantics M. Blondeel

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Prediction and Management of Readmission Risk for Congestive Heart Failure

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Characterizing and Extending Answer Set Semantics using Possibility Theory

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Pathway-Finder: An Interactive Recommender System for Supporting Personalized Care Pathways

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A Framework to Recommend Interventions for 30-Day Heart Failure Readmission Risk

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AZURE Marketplace Of Applications For Diverse Environmental Use As A Service

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Universally Composable Oblivious Transfer based on a variant of LPN

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Computing Fuzzy Rough Approximations in Large Scale Information Systems

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Predictive Spatial Search

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Prediction of Hospitalization Cost for Childbirth

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Road Network Compression Techniques in Spatiotemporal Embedded Systems: A Survey

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Big Data Solutions for Predicting Risk-of-Readmission for Congestive Heart Failure Patients

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Risk-O-Meter: An Intelligent Clinical Risk Calculator

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Model Predictive Control for Uncertain Stochastic Systems

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Multi-innovation Least Squares Parameter Estimation for Multi-rate SDR Receiver Systems

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Firework visualization: A model for local citation analysis

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Dietary intake assessment using integrated sensors and software

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Divide and transfer: an exploration of segmented transfer to detect Wikipedia vandalism

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Survival analysis on click logs

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Enhancing knowledge base with knowledge transfer

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A pervasive Dietary Data Recording System

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Teaching the Way of Using Computers with Autonomous Robots for Junior-High Students

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Concepts, semantics and syntax in e-Discovery

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An inspection of tool: take Chinese romanization system as an example

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