QC-MDPC McEliece: an Optimized Implementation of a New McEliece Variant

This paper presents the implementation of an optimized version of a McEliece variant.The McEliece cryptosystem is an example of code-based cryptography which is an alternative to the most popular and commercial cryptosystems nowadays as it is believed to be immune to quantum computing. It has simple and fast algorithms, but its drawback is the size of the keys it has to deal with. By substituting the Goppa codes of the McEliece original proposalby LDPC and MDPC codes it's possible to achieve much smaller keys. And by applying programming technicssuch as parallelization of operations and also utilizing efficient decoders of LDPC codes it's possible to achieve really good results and optimal performances of the code-based cryptosystem showing that it really has to be considered as a strong substitute to RSA and DSA as quantum computers emerge to easily compute discrete logarithms and factor large integers.
Homero Oliveira Martins, Anderson C A Nascimento
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