Readmissions Score as a Service(RaaS)

In this paper, we describe RaaS as a first medical risk calculator that utilizes cloud computing capabilities to provide risk of hospital readmission score as a service. RaaS can significantly benefit both patients and providers to reduce the medical costs considerably and improve the health outcomes of the patients through exposure of the risk profiles (consisting of a risk score and the leading contributing factors) at the point of care. The service is hosted on Microsoft Azure for Research platform to enable the health providers as well as the individuals access to the service, without the need to deploy analytics infrastructure and or consume internal compute resources. Raas architecture is easily extensible to interface with other medical systems and support integration with other data sources.
KDD 2014 Data Science for Social Good Workshop
Vivek R Rao, Kiyana Zolfaghar, David K. Hazel, Vani Mandava ,Senjuti Basu Roy, Ankur Teredesai
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