Research Talk Schedule

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The CWDS seminar series is centered around intellectual exchange and
interaction, and the audience is encouraged to ask questions during
presentations. The goal is a seminar that looks less like a lecture and
more like a spirited discussion of issues raised in a relatively brief
presentation of a paper or a research project.

All seminars will be held at 12:30 on Wednesdays in the atrium on the third floor of the Tioga Library Building. We will aim to conclude by 1:30. Coffee and treats will be
provided during the seminar; attendees are also welcome to bring their

If you are interested in learning more about our seminar series, or would like to present please contact Joel Larson

Date of Presentation Presenter(s) Slide Deck Faculty Sponsor(s) Paper PDF
09/26/2012 File sichiLab seminar Presentation.pptx
Predictive data mining in clinical medicine: a focus on selected methods and applications PDF icon Bellazzi et al. - 2011 - Predictive data mining in clinical medicine a foc.pdf
10/03/2012 File Web and Data Science Center 2012-10-02 Flickr and Panoramio.pptx
REST API for Panorama and/or Flickr PDF icon Event-based analysis of activity Flickr Panoramio.pdf
10/10/2012 PDF icon TM-LDA.pdf
TM-LDA: Efficient Online Modeling of Latent Topic Transitions in Social Media PDF icon p123.pdf
10/17/2012 File PMFCDUDM_Overview_p.pptx
A predictive model for cerebrovascular disease using data mining PDF icon Yeh et al. - 2011 - A predictive model for cerebrovascular disease usi.pdf
10/24/2012 Office presentation icon const_poproutes_unc_tra_adesai_10_24_12.ppt Senjuti
Constructing Popular Routes from Uncertain Trajectories PDF icon p195.pdf
10/31/2012 File sid_wds.pptx Ling
Application-driven Energy-efficient Architecture Explorations for Big Data PDF icon p34-gu.pdf
11/07/2012 File Optimal ClientServer Assignment.pptx Ling
An Efficient Client Server Assignment for Internet Distributed Systems PDF icon Client_Server_Assignment.pdf
11/14/2012 File RoR_MHS_Jayshree_final_Presentation.pptx Senjuti
11/21/2012 Office presentation icon Disease Prediction Based on Prior Knowledge.ppt Ankur
Disease Prediction Based on Prior Knowledge PDF icon paper_10.pdf
11/28/2012 File Lab seminar Presentation.pptx Si-Chi
Imputation-Enhanced Prediction of Septic Shock in ICU Patients PDF icon paper_15.pdf