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The CWDS seminar series is centered around intellectual exchange and interaction, and the audience is encouraged to ask questions during presentations. The goal is a seminar that looks less like a lecture and more like a spirited discussion of issues raised in a relatively brief presentation of a paper or a research project.

All seminars will be held at 12:00 on Wednesdays in the atrium on the third floor of the Tioga Library Building. We will aim to conclude by 1:00. Coffee and treats will be provided during the seminar; attendees are also welcome to bring their lunch.

If you are interested in learning more about our seminar series, or would like to present please contact Joel Larson

Title Date of Presentation Research Focus Slide Deck
Guy Van den Broeck 04/02/2014

Guy Van den Broeck is a postdoctoral researcher for the Automated Reasoning Group at the Computer Science Department University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Overview of the Recent Database and Health-Informatics Conference Visit 04/09/2014

In this talk, I will briefly summarize my recent  experience in attending HealthInf, EDBT, and ICDE. HealthInf is a biomedical engineering  conference with adequate health informatics focus, whereas, the latter two are database conferences. I will introduce some of the interesting papers presented in those conferences that overlap significantly with the ongoing and future research interest of the center, direct the students to some valuable tutorial and keynote talks.

Research Potpourri 04/16/2014
  • Anika Teppo - CWDS Website Redesign Update
  • Jeremy Parks - Process review on UWT Education Program reporting automation
  • James Marquardt - Finding personality traits through social media
  • Vivek Rao - Deploying cloud-based Software as a Service
DoubleDown Interactive 04/30/2014

DoubleDown Interactive is the social game division of International Game Technology. Based in Seattle, DoubleDown develops non-gambling, casino style games on Facebook and mobile platforms. Our flagship product is the ultra-fast growing DoubleDown Casino™ on Facebook with 6 million monthly active users. As one of the top 10 game developers on Facebook we are committed to building a company that recognizes and rewards all employees, come and check us out!

Jacob Nelson Grappa: faster data-intensive applications through latency tolerance 05/07/2014

Jacob Nelson - Grappa - data framework for graph applications

In this talk, I will present Grappa, a new open-source platform for accelerating in-memory data-intensive applications on commodity clusters.


Tanya Berger-Wolf - Computational Behavioral Ecology 05/14/2014

Computation has fundamentally changed the way we study nature. Recent breakthroughs in data collection technology, such as GPS and other mobile sensors, high definition cameras, satellite images, genotyping, and crowdsourcing, are giving biologists access to data about wild populations, from genetic to social interactions, that are orders of magnitude richer than any previously collected.

Machine Learning Models on Azure to Power Risk of Readmission 05/21/2014
CDS partnership with Edifecs 05/28/2014

Edifecs is a health exchange company that develops software solutions to enable providers to reduce costs, achieve regulatory compliance and accelerate reform. In this talk, we showcase our efforts with Edifecs towards two problems - cost prediction and risk of readmission. We demonstrate our work towards building applications for cost prediction and risk of readmission. This talk is geared towards a presentation with the Edifecs team summing up the work that has been completed since Fall 2013.

Student Project End of Quarter Updates II 06/04/2014

Our Quarterly seminar closes with presentations by students doing research in the Center for Data Science. This multi-week program culminates with presentations from our Graduating Master Students.

Ruiyi Li
Rui Liu
Vivek Rao (Kiyana, please add to this presentation as well)
Nitin Arya

Graduating Student Presentations 06/11/2014

Our Quarterly seminar closes with presentations by students doing research in the Center for Data Science. This multi-week program culminates with presentations from our Graduating Master Students.
Nitin Arya
Yiru Li
Ji Zhang (image processing)
Kenny Kong (one last fly over)