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The CWDS seminar series is centered around intellectual exchange and interaction, and the audience is encouraged to ask questions during presentations. The goal is a seminar that looks less like a lecture and more like a spirited discussion of issues raised in a relatively brief presentation of a paper or a research project.

All seminars will be held at 12:30 on Wednesdays in TLB 307B on the third floor of the Tioga Library Building. We will aim to conclude by 1:30.

If you are interested in learning more about our seminar series please contact Mohamed Ali.

Title Date of Presentation Research Focus
Pavol Zajac: A connection between algebraic cryptanalysis of ciphers with low multiplicative complexity and decoding problem 06/03/2015

Pavol Zajac is an associate professor at UIM FEI STU, specialized in cryptology and IT security. He currently works on problems related to design of lightweight ciphers and algebraic cryptanalysis, and on the problems of secure implementation of post-quantum cryptography.

Inference of genetic networks from large scale expression data 05/27/2015

LINCS L1000 is a NIH funded project that has measured the expression levels of 1000 genes in 1.4 million experiments for 78 different cell types in the presence of over 40,000 chemical compounds. Our goal is to infer changes in genetic interactions that result from these perturbations in order to understand the pathways affected by known drugs and identify potential candidates for new drugs. I will describe new software for inferring genetic networks that is more accurate, more scalable and 300x faster than its predecessor that will be applied to this data.

Viliam Hromada: Fault Analysis of Stream Ciphers 05/20/2015

Viliam Hromada is a post-doc at UIM FEI STU, specialized in cryptology and IT security. His main research topics include stream ciphers and theoretical fault analysis of cryptosystems. He also currently works on a side-channel analysis of an implementation of the McEliece cryptosystem on an STM32F4 micro-controller.

Cale Berkey, Development lead at Decisive Data 05/13/2015

Every project, every team, every day brings new possibilities to learn; to learn about our clients, to learn about the technologies we use, and to learn about ourselves. My goal every day is to advance the frontiers of learning about self-organizing agile software development teams. At Decisive Data, I lead our development teams by asking questions about how we work, how we learn, and what more we can do to delight our clients with exactly the solutions they envision.

Spatial Predictive Queries 05/06/2015

In this seminar, we address spatial predictive queries both in Euclidian spaces and over road networks. We provide a definition for various types of spatial predictive queries, describe current research trends, and envision future directions. We present practical application scenarios and emphasize the roadblocks that are holding industry back from the commercialization of spatial predictive queries. This seminar targets audience in mobile data management, spatiotemporal query processing, mobile crowd sourcing, and tracking of moving objects. 


Global Supply Chain Optimization at Amazon 04/29/2015

Adam Margulies (Principal Engineer) and Raman Iyer (Director, Software Development) talk about how Amazon uses deep research and data science to solve a variety of supply chain challenges at massive scale and complexity.

Yuri Kocharov: Search Technology at Nordstroms 04/22/2015

Join us for a conversation with Yuri Kocharov, Insitute of Technology Alum and Software Engineering manager for Nordstrom Search, as we discuss:


  • Nordstrom Technology
  • Search Algorithms and systems
    • eCommerce search at Nordstroms
    • Search Technologies (SOLR/Lucene, Elastic Search, Microsoft FAST)
  • Deep dive into internals of SOLR, including sorting, soring, algorithms for retrieval


Domain Generating Algorithms 04/15/2015

BIO: Anderson Nascimento is an assistant professor with the  Institute of Technology of the University of Washington - Tacoma. and an adjunct professor with the department of Electrical Engineering - University  of Brasilia.

What to Expect to Pay When You're Expecting 04/08/2015

ABSTRACT: This talk will share the process of applying a human-centered design approach to conceptualize E$PECT -- a mobile application that uses big data to estimate childbirth delivery costs.
BIO: Qiuyan Zhang and An Ping are both second year graduate students from the Human Centered Design & Engineering Department at the University of Washington. Interested in integrating user needs into product development, they worked with the Center for Data Science Team on this project over the Winter quarter as part of their Capstone project.

Naveen Garg from NLPCore 04/01/2015

This week's Center for Data Science Wednesday Seminar (April 1) features Naveen Garg from NLPCore giving us insight into his company and their innovative text mining platform. The talk runs from 12:00pm - 1:00pm in the UWT Tioga Building 3rd floor atrium. All are welcome. There will be coffee.