Building Pervasive Geospatial Understanding of the Transportation Ecosystem

Date of Presentation: 
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
2016 Spring
Research Focus: 

Abstract - The global transportation system must respond to many forcing functions such as expanding urbanization, global warming, decreasing availability of resources, and changing expectations of travelers. As these pressures continue or accelerate, geospatial technology has become increasingly critical to optimizing and controlling many aspects of this system.  Already underlying many familiar systems such as in-car navigation and intelligent personal assistant systems, geospatial technology will become more pervasive and transparent in the future. We are moving towards an integrated whole where the transportation behavior of the individual or the entire community can be known, predicted, and guided. This is a Big Data problem with sensing, data storage and retrieval, and modeling at its core. This talk will examine how geo-mapping has evolved in recent decades just in time to support such needs and describe how this technology is being used to understand transportation behavior and solve problems of the future.

Bio -

-BS in Geology – Bucknell University, Pennsylvania
-MS in Geology – University of Montana
Earth-Sciences career:
-1982-1989: Tribal Hydrologist, Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes, Montana, Streamflow and ground-water monitoring. Watershed statistical modeling. GIS and database development.
-1989-1995: Hydrologist, US Geological Survey, Streamflow modeling, GIS database creation and tool development, database development
Tech-Industry career:
-1995-2012: SDE/Architect, Microsoft,
--Maps - GIS development, geospatial quality-control, developer/architect of MapPoint Web Service, Bird’s-Eye navigation, Street-View navigation, co-developer of geospatial entity model, near-real-time ingestion of map UGC.
--NoSQL – Semantic understanding of MSN news articles, graph visualization
-2012-2015: Data Scientist, Amazon,
--Knowledge extraction and representation of financial information
--Modeling of geospatial objects for Maps products
-2015-2016: Geospatial Architect, INRIX
--Modeling of transportation features
--Implementation of storage/retrieval system for geo-spatial objects

Kenn Cartier
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