Simulated Strategies for Finding a Mate

Date of Presentation: 
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
2016 Spring
Research Focus: 

Abstract - Evolutionary simulations are a tool for studying biological and societal phenomena.  We use evolutionary simulations to study breeding strategies in populations of sexual reproducing agents.  In this talk I will present the details of our evolutionary model and share the interesting results of our experiments.  In particular our agents have evolved many interesting behaviors to ensure they can easily find a mate.  These include formation of herds, assortative mating, natal philopatry, and eusocial division of reproductive labor.

Bio - Chris Marriott has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Philosophy from the University of Calgary, Canada in 2009.  He did post doctoral research at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in 2011 into artificial life and self-organizing transportation systems.  He has been a full-time lecturer at the Institute of Technology at the University of Washington Tacoma since 2013.

Chris Marriott
Speaker affiliation: 
Institute of Technology at the University of Washington Tacoma