The UW Primary Care Innovation Lab (PCI-Lab): Opportunities for new technological approaches and collaborations in primary care settings

Date of Presentation: 
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
2016 Spring
Research Focus: 

Abstract - The gulf between primary care clinical practice and adoption of new technologies seems vast. Demands on primary care are increasing, prompted by a growing need for coordinated care, an aging population, the rise in chronic diseases, and a shift from volume-based to value-based payment. Yet adoption of new technology has been poor in most primary care settings - relatively few new technologies are implemented. With nearly 1 billion ambulatory care visits per year in the US alone, the need (and market) for new approaches is vast.

In this presentation I will:
a) Highlight potential areas of need for new technological approaches in primary care,
b) Share the limitations of typical research approaches around diagnostic prediction rules/algorithms that could be improved by novel data science approaches,
c) Explore areas of shared interest between the Department of Family Medicine PCI-Lab and UW Tacoma Center for Data Science with a view to new partnerships and grant applications

Bio - Dr Thompson is the Helen D. Cohen endowed Professor and Interim Chair at the University of Washington (UW) Department of Family Medicine. He obtained his medical qualification from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, then trained as a Family Doctor in both the US and UK, with research training at both the UW and a doctorate from the University of Oxford. After 10 years on the faculty at Oxford he moved to the UW in 2013 to head up the Family Medicine Research Section. His research focuses on several areas in primary care: improving diagnosis, child health, respiratory tract infections, hypertension, and use of new technology in primary care settings. He leads the Primary Care Innovations Lab (or PCI-Lab) at the UW which is a multidisciplinary team that works across the industry -primary care gulf to design, test and implement new technology relevant to primary care.  He collaborates closely with colleagues in the UW School of Engineering, UW Global Health, Group Health Research Institute, as well as internationally with colleagues in Europe and Africa.

Matthew Thompson
Speaker affiliation: 
Department of Family Medicine, UW