REST API for Panorama and/or Flickr

Photo-sharing websites such as Flickr and Panoramio
contain millions of geotagged images contributed by people
from all over the world. Characteristics of these data
pose new challenges in the domain of spatio-temporal
analysis. In this paper, we define several different tasks related
to analysis of attractive places, points of interest and
comparison of behavioral patterns of different user communities
on geotagged photo data. We perform analysis
and comparison of temporal events, rankings of sightseeing
places in a city, and study mobility of people using
geotagged photos. We take a systematic approach to accomplish
these tasks by applying scalable computational
techniques, using statistical and data mining algorithms,
combined with interactive geo-visualization. We provide
exploratory visual analysis environment, which allows the
analyst to detect spatial and temporal patterns and extract
additional knowledge from large geotagged photo collections.
We demonstrate our approach by applying the methods
to several regions in the world.