ScholarEarth : A Simulation System for Visual Inspection of Possible Correlations among Relevant Data Sources

Scholar Earth is a visualization simulation system that leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to support a wide range of environmental applications. Scholar Earth is a cloud based service that can be utilized by environmental researchers, system builders, and to access, query, analyze, and visualize different sets of environmental data. Microsoft Azure provides the cloud-based back-end storage and computational infrastructure required by the Scholar Earth system.
Scholar Earth currently has the capability to create, update, delete and rename custom courses and tests for students. Students and instructor can access custom tools to measure area, calculate geometric and geographical distances between multiple points on earth. Instructor can upload different types of files like kml, text and pdfs. Kml files can be plotted on google earth and visualized using this system. For data analysis, Scholar Earth provides a set of tools to facilitate the study and discovery of hidden patterns in the data as well as the correlation between various combinations of data. For example, Scholar Earth compiles the watersheds, rivers and land surfaces network, i.e., Triangular Irregular Network (TIN), with the chemical spill data sets to predict those areas that more likely to be affected by pollutants coming from these chemical spills. Finally, for the visualization module, we leverage the Google Earth to provide up to 4D visualization for users' queries and analysis results.
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Related Research group :
Geospatial Data Management
Team Members:
Faisal Hossain
Mohamed Ali
Ankur Teredesai
Abdeltawab Hendawi
Soumak Ghosh
Amruta Khot
Qiyuan Zhou
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