SENSE: Sensing the Environment, Network Systems and Energy

This is an R & D group who aims to not only respond to the research questions, but also to develop and deliver the proofs of concept of the proposed solutions. We are committed to enhance the visibility of the research work at the University of Washington Tacoma and of the Institute of Technology in particular. We are also committed to continue and expand our collaborative efforts with the Brazilian universities.

Currently we have 2 active projects and one inactive project. We are working on a Sensor Network in concert with the Center for Data Science and the Center for Urban Waters that is collecting Sensor data from multiple nodes and organizing that data into an Azure Web Server that we are also working on building a web interface to display the collected data in an interactive way. Our second project is a deployable device with different energy harvesters connected to it to determine how much energy can be collected at a specific location so we can determine how many and what kind of sensors we can deploy at that location using those harvesters. As yet this project is still in the development stage. Our inactive project is a creek sensor project that will be used to determine how much pollution is coming from our creeks to add to the pollution that we see in the Puget Sound. It is inactive because we are trying to determine the best form factor to accomplish the goals that have been set for the project.

Student Researchers:
Bob Landowski
Chris Barrett
Keith Luenberg
Richard Hemingway
Eric Yee
Alvin Baldemeca
Wellyton Rodrigues
Adson Filipe
Ricardo Meira
Thiago Deicke    
Rodrigo Bacurau
Sergio Soares
Guilherme Camargo
Paulo Filho
Renato Pereira

Professor’s Baiocchi
Professor Sheng
Don Mclane
Prof Fabricio
Luis Duarte
Dr. C. Shin