Shruti Balabhadruni

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Research Focus: 

Emotion propagation modeler as a service

  • Capstone project : Modeling Emotion propagation in online social networks
  • Implemented a hierarchical logistic regression model to estimate statistical significance of propagation patterns
  • Developing REST APIs to expose logistic regression models & customize computation through HTTP calls
  • For a brief overview of my project :

Independent Study : Improving Precision and Recall of Named entity recognizer from social media texts

  • Analyzed data from Stackexchange website and developed Python programs to extract useful information from database-stored user profiles and stack-exchange and partner APIs
  • Created an extensive framework in Python to compare and evaluate different entity extraction engines
  • Achieved improved F1 scores for organization and technology entity extraction through supervised machine learning
  • Technologies used - Python, Java, Stanford NLP, MongoDB
  • Industry collaboration : IDataLabs (a Seattle based Big data and analytics startup)

Areas of Interest :

  • Data Science
  • Distributed Systems
  • Backend Software development
  • Object oriented design
  • Big Data
  • Natural language processing
  • Web development
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