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Mohamed Ali is an associate professor at the Institute of Technology, University of Washington, Tacoma. Mohamed’s research interests include the processing, analysis and visual- ization of data streams with geographic and spatial informa- tion. For the past decade, Mohamed has been building com- mercial spatiotemporal data streaming systems to cope with the emerging Big Data requirements. In 2006, Mohamed and his colleagues at the database group at Microsoft Research ramped up the Complex Event Detection and Response (CEDR) project. Then, Mohamed joined the SQL Server group at Microsoft to productize the CEDR project. CEDR has shipped and brand-named as Microsoft StreamInsight. Since the first public release of StreamInsight, Mohamed has been advocating for real-time spatiotemporal data management everywhere; that is the use of StreamInsight in monitoring, managing and mining real time geospatial information across a diversity of verticals. These verticals include but are not limited to: online advertising, behavioral targeting, business intelligence, computational finance, traffic management, social networking, homeland security, emergency and crisis management. In 2011, Mohamed started another journey at Microsoft Bing Maps where he became at the frontline with the Big Data challenge and where he battled various types of spatial search queries. In 2014, Mohamed joined the University of Washington, Tacoma where he leads the geospatial data science team at the Center for Data Science.

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